Why study English in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, English is widely spoken all throughout the country alongside with the Filipino language. English is used in schools as an official medium of instruction from pre-school to university. Being so, the people have acquired a near native level of proficiency in English.

Talking about being in the center of different people from many cultural background, the Philippines is one of these places. The local population is a mix of Malay, Spanish and Chinese decent. Foreign travelers from all parts of the world frequent the country all year round and they are a common sight anywhere in the Philippines, especially in major tourist areas like Boracay, Davao, Baguio, and of course – in La Union. Most, if not all, have remained and settled in the Philippines for business and leisure, education, or alternative option for retirement.

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With the ever increasing living expenses in most of the advanced countries, studying English in the Philippines is an opportunity one should never miss. The Philippines has become an alternative destination that offers the same quality English education but at a much lesser expense. Students are able to live comfortably and conveniently even on a very limited budget.

Fun activities accompanying the English language learning is abundant. The Philippines is also a great get-away destination for people who adore nature. The Philippines prides itself of natural wonders and treasures, ranging from luscious mountains, white sandy beaches, crystal clear seawater and coral reefs teeming with marine life. Travelers can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and savor the beauty of paradise on earth.

“The Philippines is an "attractive alternative” destination for Korean students because of three main factors: the short distance between Seoul and Manila, the affordability of Philippine education, and the Filipinos’ fluency in English.”

-Philippine Press Secretary and Presidential Spokesman Ignacio R. Bunye, Pinoy Press


La Union - The Surfing Capital of the North

If diversity is what you are looking for in your English immersion courses in the Philippines, you will find plenty of it in La Union.

La Union is located in the southwestern part of the Ilocos Region. The place is a combination of classicism with modernity, leisure with business, fun with study, and even mountains and beaches.

The richness of La Union's history is preserved through its arhceological remains. The beauty of its monuments along with the charm of various festivities and cultural events held throughout the year increase the appeal of the area.

The wonderful beaches and their big sparkling waves, and the mild tropical climate all year round make La Union one of the Philippines' most popular tourists destinations, also popularly known as - The Surfing Capital of the North.

San Fernando City, the capital city of La Union, is the seat of national government agencies in Region 1 and the center of trade, commerce, tourism, financial, and educational institutions. It is a high class city and exhibited a seaport responsive to international shipping, an airport with viable capacity to accommodate international flights, and a natural terrain conducive to tourism development.

The City of San Fernando has emerged as a wealthy Metropolis of the Philippines, also popularly known as - The Botanical City of the North.

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