The Lorma Colleges Profile

As one of the leading academic pioneers in Region 1, Lorma Colleges' vision for excellence has been indelibly carved into its graduates who have made their marks not just in the local arena but in the global map as well. The school welcomes students from all walks of life, social background, race, creed, culture,  and boasts of a quality education that caters to the need of its students. Equipping them with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that are essential in living a fulfilling and meaningful life, Lorma Colleges has indeed came a long way.


Lorma Founders
he founders-- Dr. Rufino N. Macagba Sr. and Dra. Crispina Lorenzana Macagba-- conceptualized from their medical practice and Christian services that the best service to humanity is to save humankind from ignorance, lack of vision and complacency to become imaginative, creative and productive scientifically but spiritually grounded. Lorma College was therefore established offering courses with strong foundation in the sciences and Christian values.

From a modest start in the 1970's, Lorma Colleges has successfuly evolved into a world-class academic and Christian institution which has received the highest accreditation in the Philippines (Level 2 Status). Lorma Colleges’ continuous growth includes being awarded as the Centre of Development for Information Technology Education (C.O.D.E.) and the leader in Para-Medical Education in Region 1.

Lorma Colleges also continues to cultivate more than 4,000 promising young minds while producing academic and board topnotchers, all of whom have carved their niches locally and abroad. Lorma Colleges is also one of the very few in the Philippines that offers online education, and is ISO 9001:2008 Certified by the Anglo Japanese American Registrars, a solid proof of our continued commitment to quality and excellence.

Lorma Institute for Koreans learning English (L.I.K.E.)

Our uncompromising dedication to the quality of our teaching and our effective curriculums make us cut above the rest of the academic institutions and language learning centers in the country. Our effective learning solutions and other innovative service are one of the first in the industry of language solutions.

Our teachers are well trained to teach the English language the natural way and our classes are tailor-fit to the needs of the competitive world.

Our Slogan

Proficiency, Fluency, GLOBAL COMPETENCE!

Our Vision

We envision L.I.K.E. to be recognized as the most valued premier language Institution in the Philippines, respected for responsible and excellent teaching of English language.

Our Mission Statement

We are an organization of language enthusiasts aiming to bring people closer to their goals through responsible and excellent teaching of language. We strive to educate, inform, and promote the exchange of culture and information.