A Fascinating ESL Program!

Learning the English Language has never been so fun! Lorma Colleges' ESL program have been specially designed for young students and are adapted to the level of each participant. Thanks to sound teaching experience of our English teachers, L.I.K.E. proposes an effective and enjoyable approach to language learning. The teachers attach particular importance to communication. They propose interactive and motivating classes which allow for the easy practice of newly acquired language skills. Progress is made naturally in a pleasant atmosphere.

At L.I.K.E., we are convinced that a great program of activities is key element to the success of the language study. It is for this reason that we propose a very complete and varied program, offering numerous exciting opporunities for sports, cultural encounters and leisure, which allow to create a warm atmosphere, strengthen links of friendship between students and ofcourse, greatly contribute to the practice of English language. And in order that each of our students may participate in full security and that no one is left out, all of the activities organized and supervised by our teams of activity coordinators, are entirely included in the course package.


Our English Courses are focused on the following strands:  

Language Skills - Focus is on acquiring foundation skills in basic language areas such as listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Structures and Pattern - Students are introduced to basic tools of communication such as sentence patterns, expressions, and idioms. Grammar construction points and expanding vocabularies is also part of the core content.

Conversation and Discussion - Students practice their speaking skills though situational dialogues, thematic discussions, and communicative activities.

Listening and Pronunciation - Focus is on listening strategies and tactics to improve listening comprehension; and corrective pronunciation drills.

Social and Cultural Competence. Expectations require students to understand and value their own culture, to appreciate the variety of languages and cultures, and to demonstrate social and cultural competence in a wide range of situations in a multi-cultural environment.

Most lessons will include all four strands in an integrated way. The weighing of the strands may differ from course to course. Technology will also be integrated within the four strands.

Our Affordable English Courses


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To develop your basic English Communication skills

Students performing at this level of English language proficiency begin to demonstrate receptive or productive English skills. They are able to respond to some simple communication tasks with increasing ease to more varied communication tasks.     Learn more >>>




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To enhance your Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing skills

Students performing at this level of English proficiency tailor the English language they have been taught in the Beginners level to meet their immediate communication and learning needs. They are able to understand and be understood in many basic social and academic situations. Learn more >>>

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To gain proficiency of your Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing skills

Students performing at this level of English language proficiency combine the elements of the English language in complex, cognitively demanding situations and are able to use English as a means for learning in other academic areas. Learn more >>>

Sample of Daily Schedule

Sample of Daily Schedule