L.I.K.E. Supervision: 100% Safety!

We look for the best environment possible in order that your language study stay is a real success. The supervision of our students is effective and discreet, in this way, students can gain maximum benefit from their stay in complete safety and convenience. From the first to the last day, the members of the Lorma L.I.K.E. team are present and available to give the assistance requested by each student.


Welcome Orientation

Welcome Orientation

Your first 3 days in La Union will be spent preparing for a rewarding educational and fun-filled leisure and cultural experiences. Our full day orientation takes place at Lorma Colleges Carlatan Campus from 9 o'clock in the morning to 5 o'clock in the afternoon upon your arrival.

L.I.K.E.  students should arrive at least one day before the ESL Program session begins. Orientation topics include Classroom Etiquette and Expectations, the Philippine Culture, and the Student Services. Depending upon the session, orientation activities will run 2 to 3 days. During orientation, you will also learn about the ESL Program, meet the English teachers, get to know your new classmates and tour San Fernando City and Lorma campuses. You will also take English Level Assessment Test in preparation for your ESL classes.

English Level Assessment Test

English Level Assessment Test

"Assessment" means the process of gathering information about an individual student to facilitate his or her success. At Lorma Colleges, assessment includes, but is not limited to, the collection of information regarding student's English language proficiency and level of comprehension. During the evaluation,  the Assessment Team will also review the student's academic transcripts, aptitudes, goals, learning and study skills, career aspirations, academic performance, and their need for special services.

Assessment of your listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing skills will provide us with valuable information that will help you and the Assessment Team to select the class that is appropriate for your skill level.  Proper assessment will ensure you of the greatest opportunity for successful course completion.

Academic Advising

Personal Guidance and Academic Advising

The guidance and counselling office provides the appropriate developmental, preventive and remedial guidance and counselling services that can respond to the needs of the students specially those enrolled to the L.I.K.E. Program. Specifically, the office seeks to facilitate student's awareness and understanding of their artistic, emotional, interpersonal, intellectual, and physical development.

The office also aims to help students cope with their personal, academic, and career needs or problems, assists the Lorma community, specially the faculty and administration in improving the learning environment of the community.

Lorma Buddy

LORMA BUDDY Exchange Program *Highly Recommended!

Do you want to learn more about another culture? Consider availing our Lorma Buddy Program. LORMA Buddy, is a program that matches L.I.K.E. students with regular Lorma students. This program enhances language and cultural exchanges, promotes inter-cultural understanding, and helps internationalize the campus. LORMA Buddy provides an opportunity for casual interactions among students.

We ask that you volunteer a minimum of one hour per day, let's say during lunch break, to meet with your LORMA Buddy.  In case your Buddy will also be learning or interested in your native language, she/he may wish to spend an additional hour with you practicing your language.  You may meet wherever and whenever you like, and there are no requirements for this type of activity.  We recommend, however, that you use this time to practice your speaking skills, rather than reading, writing, or grammar.

Private Tutor Service

Private Tutoring Service * optional; NOT included in the course package

This program provides the student a chance to focus on weak points and improve their spoken English through listening, speaking, pronunciation and writing exercises that are custom designed for each individual.

All tutoring sessions are billed by the hour on a pre paid basis.  Students will meet at a minimum once a week with their assigned tutor for one on one tutoring.  Some students choose to be tutored several days a week.  Each session will be one or two hours depending on how many sessions you purchase.  The tutor will meet the student at their home or at the local public library.  All study materials are included in the cost of tutoring. 

Certificates of Completion

Certificate of Course Completion

When you complete your English course with L.I.K.E., we want to celebrate your success! You will receive an ESL Certificate which attests your participation in classes, validates the language level completed, and specified the results obtained.

Your Certificate of Course Completion is a great way for you to display your success to friends and family, future employers, or an institute of higher education. Most of all, it's a way for you to remember your experience at Lorma Colleges, both inside and outside the classroom.